5 September 2012

♥ Amazing Sunday night ♥ ♥


I know I could of written about this in previous post but I wanted to have separate :"D So when I got back to London from Poland my boyfriend came over to mine but then some days after he had to go home because he needed to go work, Well I was really sad and went to other room and I did cry a bit then he left the house, he said it's not working out and that I don't tell him things but then about 10 minutes later he came back with white roses for me, I was so surprised to see him just standing there with flowers, he has never ever done it, usually he would just get mad and leave. So few days after that he said he is taking me to restaurant on Tuesday but he was busy on that day and he found different restaurant so week later on Sunday he took me to a really nice restaurant. 
The restaurant we went to. "criterion"
We've spent about 2 or maybe even 3 hours at restaurants, and I loved it. By accident I've ordered whole bottle of wine instead of just two glasses so we had a bit of a laugh and we were in great mood, after the amazing dinner we headed home, we thought we will just take a bus but we ended up taking the black British cab home. Then we stopped by shop and found the same wine as we had in restaurant but way cheaper so we bought it.
When we got home, we had some nice 1-to-1 time, and of course before going to sleep we took a bath but well.. I've drank a bit too much (I don't drink a lot I just get "tipsy" very easily) So my boyfriend had to carry me to the bathroom then let some water in for bath then put me in, but it was a bit hard to get me out of it since I was falling asleep (yes in the bath hehe). 
(outfit I wore the the restaurant)
I really loved the whole evening, it was amazing and I think our relationship hasn't been better than it has been for the past 3 weeks, we plan to go to that restaurant again sometime and go out more than we did before. I'm also trying my best not to over-react and not to complain about every single thing and I think I'm doing good, I'm not so paranoid any more, if he wants he can look at other girl or talk to her because I know there is no way he would leave me because he loves me ^^ If he didn't care about me he would have broken up with me but he hasn't so I've bit more confidence now and I'm bit more relaxed and I think it is helping our relationship in a way too ^^

Well that will be it I guess, I will probably write another post soon, since there are few things I want to write/talk about ^^ 


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