25 May 2012

Room makeover part 2

, I know I promised the photos the other day but I can't remember what happened to that so I will post them now ^^ enjoy and tell me what you think~

Okay that will probably be it for now ^^ hope you liked it 

bye bye

16 May 2012

Small room makeover Part 1

Hello everyone 
So the other day I thought I need to do something to keep myself busy, and because I always hate something in my room I decided that I will make a small makeover. Actually I didn't have the makeover idea first but last. First I thought I want a bed headboard and I still have no idea where that idea came from but it was a good idea at the end, then my mom said that if I have the headbard it probably should be in the middle of the wall but it wouldn't work because of my wardrobe door so there came another idea, remove the door and put curtains instead but then.. what colour should they be? My carpet is brown so I thought "brown that's it~" and I chose like dark chocolate brown I would say, then there came another idea to paint the wall where my bed will be same colour as the curtains, luckily my dad found the exact colour that I wanted for only £10. The next day on Sunday my parents were going huge car boot sell so I went with them and there I found this epic Victorian side table. Sadly we didn't find the blanket that I wanted so we will try next Sunday. When I got everything I need I had few more ideas, to make as many things as I can have the same colour, so because I had a lot of paint other than just wall I've painted: mirror frame, 2 shelves,  message board, bed's legs and two damask patterns on the wall where I have TV. Here is a list of roughly how much the makeover costed me and my parents:

2.5L Brown Paint £10
2x 3m long curtain £30 each (the most expensive thing out of all)
Wall clock £4
Victorian side table £8 (it's one of the old ones which are probably worth £80) 
The long tube thing for curtain about £9 with all the holding stuff

So overall the makeover costed us £91 which isn't too bad, I only had £25 pounds so I gave it to my parents so they didn't pay the whole £91 but £66 instead. I still need 3 white Victorian/Vintage photo frames which will cost me £14.97 (for 3 not 1) and that's the cheapest I could find !

In the next post I will include photos of before and after room makeover. 

Bye Everyone 

8 May 2012

我爱你駿 I miss my hunni

So far it's been 3 days I believe. I'm still really scared but when he sends me texts first saying he misses me or something like that makes me feel bit better. I really can't life without him and I know he can't also. I really want to believe that everything will be fine and that we will be able to live together again too. I really hate going to sleep on my own and waking up without him next to me. I miss being able to tell him good morning or that I love him :c From all this stress I have lost 1.6kg of my weight so now I will have to start at least trying to eat normally.  Also to make the time pass faster I decided to start sleeping at 9.30pm - 10:15pm the latest. On Thursday I might go swimming with mom because my legs hurt all the time now because I haven't been exercising at all. I really have to pull myself together and do school work and when I'm done with that I will have to find something else to do and I have no idea what since reading books won't work because I probably won't be able to focus on whatever I could be reading :/
Anyway I have to sleep now so goodnight everyone. 

I miss my hunni

7 May 2012

Rules of Relationship break

Hello everyone,

so because me and my boyfriend were arguing a lot lately my parents decided that he should move out and we should take a break because we both have exams today. To be honest I regret it so much... I want him back here, I hate waking up on my own and not being able to hug him or tell him that I love him. We haven't been together for 3/4 days now and its already too much to me. My parents decided on 2 week break but he made it into 4. I'm really scared of losing him, the last text I got from him said "love you" but I'm still really scared he won't come back... I love him so much and I can't do much other than think about how much I miss him. Also reading articles and peoples comments on relationship breaks scare me even more. 
Apparently there are rules of relationship break but you and your partner are meant to set them up not your mum or w/e so here are what my rules would be. 

1. first of all you're still boyfriend and girlfriend just not seeing each other for w/e time
2. You CAN text each other (not too much of course and without arguing)
3. If the break is very long you can see one another maximum once every two weeks
4. You still can't break rules set as a couple
5. No cheating or flirting with others 

So here is my list and I don't know what else to say. I can't concentrate on anything at all and I hope to see him soon.