27 February 2012

Finally know what to do~

Hello everyone,
Today I have meet my teacher's brother who is a doctor and works in hospital. I wanted to see him to find out more about what I should do etc. since I had no idea at all. Later I've decided what I'm going to do (after I took few hour nap.... :P ) I just finished filling in the most important sections of application form and I'm trying to apply to Sixth form college since I have to do A levels, there's no way I can skip it. On my application form I've wrote down 3 subjects that should help me getting into Uni in two years if I get my As in them. I picked; Chemistry, Biology and Psychology but I'm planning to do A levels for Polish language privately.
Tomorrow I will ask my tutor to write references for me and I will have to write up my interests and career plans. I will probably do that on a attached paper since I really have to get their attention and make them want to accept me into those courses/subjects >___< 
That's the only way to go, if they don't accept me then I will do BTEC Applied Science in Medicine and do all A levels privately, also I have plan B if I don't get to uni in the first year, I will have to go and do doctorate and as much work experiences in hospitals, GP etc as I can also I will need an amazing personal statement and plenty of references from teachers etc. It's a really long way to get to medicine but I really don't want to give up this time so I'll try my best :"3 
That would be all for today ^^ Sorry if it's a boring post but I just had to write about it 

Bye bye

23 February 2012

So sorry !~

Hello everyone !

I'm so sorry I haven't wrote any post for over a month I think~
This time I really didn't really have had any free time and I became really not organised :"c I've been trying my best to at least do the other new years resolutions but so far it doesn't look too well. At the moment I'm trying to sort out everything with my school, I won't be able to go to sixth form andl I have to decide on uni pretty much NOW, even though I would go to uni in two years I really want to do A levels for Maths, Chemistry, Biology in the next school year so I can have grades for uni already. There's no way going around A levels if I want to become a doctor *GP*. On Saturday I'm going with my dad to work because he worked before for this married couple and they're both doctors, and the lady is a GP so I could talk to her and ask some questions about what I should do etc. also on Monday at 2pm I'm going to hospital to meet up with my teacher's brother who is a doctor. So as you can see I haven't been just lazy at all lately~ I've been thinking A LOT about those lately and I won't lie, it gave me some breakdowns :"c + for past 2/3 weeks I've been feeling terrible, sick sick and kind of emotionally unstable ? something like that. 
On Wednesday I've finished all of my English course work for GCSE that's worth 40% next week and probably week after we will have Speaking exams (two) and they're worth next 20% so after that I will have 60% of my GCSE done. After coursework and speaking exams I will have reading/writing exam that is worth whole 40%~~! This year the GCSE exams have changed a lot, now we will only have one exam that is 2h 15 minutes D: But so far I'm not stressing about it at all yet since I think my English got way better since I did my GCSE in secondary school :P Right now I think I have two B's or so for 2 pieces of coursework, next week I will find out what I got for my ''Don't get me started on..." and week after another coursework exam ; A ; 

Other than school I haven't done much except Valentines day and before. Few days before Valentine's day I've been working for hours on pillow for my boyfriend which I ended up not liking at all but my boyfriend said he loves it so I'm happy even though it's not like I wanted it to be :c On Valentine's day me and my boyfriend didn't do much or anything very special, we decided that we will just stay home, it was still nice, we wanted to watch a movie but when we were going to I started feeling sick after all the things we ate (chocolates mixed with warm milk with sugar and pizza and popcorn doesn't go too well together). Before that we took a "romantic" bath with bubbles, candles and rose petals ^-^ Overall the Valentine's day was nice for me and my boyfriend :"3 Other than Pillow I got my boyfriend his favourite chocolate which I had no idea that he loves :p and a car, he got me beautiful white lilies, teddy, card and chocolates (ferrero rocher, my favourites *-*). 

About my 365 project, so far it's going alright even though I thought that I will give up since I was 7 days behind. Luckily I took pictures daily any ways so all I had to do is edit them and post them on my Facebook :3 I was actually thinking just now about making another blog just for my 365 project then I could just link it there so you guys can check it out since I would be probably lazy to post it here. 

One of my new year resolutions was to make some new friends and I did that already :"3 I made few new friends and I started snail mailing with some people :"3  So far I only have 1 person who mailed me back, I'm guessing other people don't have much time or possibly they didn't get my letter yet D: few days ago I sent letter to my friend in Sweden, and I should be getting mail from my other friend in Poland and post card + letter from girl from China :3

I know this post is extremely long but I guess that's what happens if you don't blog for over a month D: To be honest I always think that no one reads my blog but sometimes I see some comments saying that people want me to keep writing etc.
I should probably stop here and really try my best to write a post at least once a week or every two weeks if I'm really busy or something. 

That's all then~

Bye Bye