5 September 2012

我爱你駿 Finally new post


I know I haven't been posting anything for 2 months or so but I didn't really have time and I was kind of lazy. So now I'm 18 and I got the phone I wanted BUT I only had it for one month because it lost everything and won't turn on so I need to send it back to Hong Kong so they can fix it and I'm sure it will be at least 2 months until I get it back fixed, if I get it at all. My 18th birthday was okay, I had amazing birthday cake that I loved, it tasted great too~ 

Sometimes after my birthday I had to go Poland with my parents for 3 weeks, and sadly without my boyfriend this time :"c but thinking about it now it wasn't too bad since if I've stayed the whole time I would be on my own in London for about 2 months instead of 1 like now. After being on my own here I guess I won't be trying to move out so fast. The only thing that I kind of enjoy is the grocery shopping and cooking for myself. I never thought cooking can be so fun, and I'm good at it :"D Also I've tried steak for the first time and I actually liked it, but I prefer rare-cooked and med-rare. 
When my parents come back from Poland I'll be trying to get them to let me buy a pet rat :"D

Okay that will be it for now~ 

Goodnight ~ 

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