27 April 2012

Bored TT ^ TT

Hello everyone~

I decided to make another post to kill sometime, even if it's just 5 minutes~ I'm really bored and feel kinda lonely since my boyfriend went to his house yesterday and he will be back today but I don't even know what time yet, he might be back when I finish school or earlier or even later~ I don't want to text him yet since I don't know if he even woke up yet. 

Hmm.. Trying out different font also "Helvetica" since it seems quite nice and small and I prefer smaller letters on my blog~ I'm so happy it's Friday today~ and I have only 2 lessons but I wish they were one after the other though -.- I have lesson at 1 then at 4 D": college logic...
I worked on some assignments so now I only have left 
1. Investigating Crime Scene A3 - Tuesday 
2. Health App A3 - Tuesday (due 8th May but I want to finish it earlier)
3. Physics A2 - want to finish by next Friday or Tuesday
4. Living Body A3 - Thursday 
5. Science in Medicine A5
6. Biology and our environment A3 by next Friday 

and I think that's all~ Most of the assignments are the last ones so if I complete most of them then I probably won't have to go to those lessons anymore :"D If I do Living body for Thursday and Medicine on next next Thursday I should have free days on Thursdays ^^ 

Okay I have no idea what else to write so I will end it here.
Bye Bye

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