26 April 2012

11 facts

Hello everyone

So I finally decided to make new post for two reasons, I didn't write for ages again and my friend tagged me in her post so I will do the tag thingie ^^ So basically I have to write 11 things about myself and answer the questions my friend has written so here it goes~ 11 thing about myself 
1. I absolutely love physiology I find human body amazing and how it functions 
2. I prefer psychological horror books to romance 
3. My favourite winter sport is skiing and iceskating 
4. I love love baking 
5. I like DIY and nail art, mainly 3D
6. I'm kind of gamer girl, I like; League of legends, Sims2, Vindictus, Aion
7. I don't like roses at all, I prefer wild flowers, sunflowers, orchids 
8. I want to become doctor or a nurse (more likely nurse because of costs of medical universities and length of the course). 
9. I don't like buying presents for close people to me, I prefer to make them myself 
10. My favourite fruit is watermelon and kiwi ; 3 ;
11. I lost my best friend when I was 11 
Okay and here are the questions for me to answer 
1: Of any languages you know, which word do you like the sound of the most?
Cantonese \(^ w ^)/
2: If you could have just one non-electronic possession for entertainment for the rest of your life what would it be?
3: Are you ticklish? If so where and how do you react to tickling?
Very~ I laugh and scream at the same time if you get the right spot. My back is REALLY sensitive and ticklish
4: Which website do you frequent the most?
5: Define happiness with 3 words.
love, family and friends ?
6: Have you been in love?
Totally in love, been like this for almost a year now 
7: Is there a time of day you most like to wake up at? If so when?
I like to wake up at 7 after nice sleep~ I feel really awake then
8: List 4 traits you find very attractive in people.
Not sure about the people part ~ n ~ I can list 4 about my bf; eyes, sense of humour, chest and everything :"p
9: Do you like fizzy/sour things?
Kind of yea
10: Do you want to be a parent someday?
Of course~~~ the latest I want to be pregnant is 25/26
11: Name a food or drink you really dislike. 
Sushi and rum 
Okay so this is it~ 
Also I wanted to share few pictures with you ^^, Few days we had A LOT of strawberries so me and my boyfriend had a bit of fun with them
  and my new nails since I decided to get acrylic extensions after 3 of my nails broke ~_~ 
That's all for today ^^ bye everyone~

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