7 September 2011

♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫ Got place in college♥

I haven't been writing anything lately because I've been busy <not really> And good news ! on Wednesday I was gonna go my Secondary school to see my teacher and ask him some questions about college and what I should do if I don't get a place in Science course and then around 11 the college called me up and asked me to come for enrolment for Science :"DDD So I got in~ I was so happy, most happy that I almost cried but I didn't. I was seeing my secondary school teacher at 1pm and then college at 2pm, The college asked for some references or something like that so I just told my teacher about it and he wrote references/recommendation in 5 minutes and I was the only one that had any written too for college. I start my course on the 13th at 9am. 

*・゜゚・*:....:*My new college ID *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

The other day I made new friend, she's friend of my friend that's why I kind of made friends with her even tho it was totally random because I added her on facebook first being all like ''Hey I know its random but can we be friends?'' lol I'm most good at making new friends teehee <not really...> 

*・゜゚・*:....:*Redecorated phone again *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

Any-ways I went to my boyfriend's place today since he got back to his now and we were cleaning his room because I thought its really messy and it was REALLY messy, you could even find chocolate under his bed <eww> But after about 2-3 hours of cleaning we ended up with 6 if not 7 big black bin bags, we cleaned pretty much everything and sorted out his clothes too because he didn't even wear like 3/4 of it so the clothes that he doesn't like any more will go to charity. Other than that we went to post office because he couldn't go himself because he said he doesn't know how to buy the stamp, the post office is way different to the one in my area, when we went there it was like 2 people and 3 paying kinda windows and in my area its always at least 30 minutes waiting and its like 12 or maybe even 14 paying windows, the difference is huge~ That's another reason why I would want to move to his area more than stay here <its safer and quiet> 

*・゜゚・*:....:* My boyfriend's room now  *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

*・゜゚・*:....:* Chinese fan my grandma got me  *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

Don't know what else to say so I guess I will just finish it now

*・゜゚・*:....:* Goodnight  *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

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