9 September 2011

U・ェ・U Normal day ♥

☆ Hi everyone 

I didn't really do much today/yesterday, it was more of a lazy day kinda thing. Today me and my boyfriend went really quick grocery shopping and made dumplings, he was making his pork ones and I was making strawberry dumplings, I decided that I'm gonna try making them his way and at first I failed little bit but then I got better <yay> :"D 
Other than that We just watched ''How to train your dragon'' and downloaded ''X-men Origins: Wolverine'' (we watched little bit of it but after awhile I didn't feel like watching it any more so we stopped. Randomly after ''watching'' X-men we were playing Facebook games. So that's pretty much our whole day.... Also I made some peach mask for myself and my boyfriend today, my mom used it too :P, I kind of made too much so I just added a little bit of sugar to it and ate it because it was just natural yoghurt with peach, then I also made like strawberry yoghurt, both of them tasted pretty nice ; 3 ;

☆ Making dumplings with my boyfriend 
☆ I looks so bad~ Wearing Jun's tshirt from year 7 

☆ Dumplings~ 

Tomorrow me and my boyfriend are going for dinner at about 6pm with his parents and sisters because it's one of his sister's birthday so Jun's mom just randomly asked me if I wanna come so I just agreed ^-^ Hopefully it will be nice dinner and I won't do anything retarded (I usually do when I'm nervous)

☆ Peach face mask :"3 
☆ My dog Zuzia showing her teeth again XD 

Okay so that's all for now~

*・゜゚・*:....:*・ Goodnight *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

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