3 September 2011

♫ >‿‿◕ Summer Holidays in Poland ♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫.

Herrro ( ・㉨・ )
As I promised I will write a post about my summer holidays in Poland with my boyfriend. Hmm...Well for the first 10 days I was only with my parents and brother before my boyfriend came and we were just changing and refreshing stuff in our rooms, we were staying at my grandpa's place but its quite big and the top of the house is like ours so we were painting walls and doing stuff, in my room I really wanted to rip off the wallpaper from the walls since it was really ugly and dark >.> It took me 3 days to get rid of it then I had to kinda wash the walls and get rid of the glue from wallpaper that stayed on the walls and before even painting it I had to clean up everything from the floor, then it took me few hours to paint the walls T _ T and I just did like one layer... the second layer of paint my dad had to help me because the painting roller wasn't that good T - T At least I couldn't use it too well D: Other than doing the rooms and stuff my dad had to do a bit of work before we could place the swimming pool at the backyard since it was quite big and because it had to be perfectly straight we had to buy sand. So after doing all the stuff my boyfriend finally came to the airport in Katowice :"D his plane was actually before time which was good because we didn't have to wait long, just like 5 minutes (probably even less) I was super happy to see him and even it was only 10 days it felt like it was at least 10 weeks ; A ; but the wait was worth it :"D When we got back home my boyfriend just unpacked then we took a nap together.

*・゜゚・*:....:* Gliwice  *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

The weather for the first day was really good the temperature was like from 28*C to 30*C but after few days the weather got bleh and started raining. We were staying at my grandpa's place for like two weeks and all we did there was sunbathe and swim in the swimming pool when it was warm and we went to town just one (Gliwice) since we were lazy and even if we didn't do much we were never bored since we could be together 24/7 ^ - ^ When we went to the city we just went to the shopping centre and went for a pizza near my other grandmas place (Both grandmas live in the same building but they don't even like each other <lol>But yea... ) 

So after two weeks we went to other place called ''Swornegacie'' which is a little village, There are just few shops, some restaurants and the rest are houses and places where you can rent canoe or some boats and stuff. There aren't really any hotels but there are resorts but mainly its people who live in the village rent rooms and stuff for good price. We didn't do much there too but it was still fun, we went mushroom hunting, swimming in the lake we also rent a canoe for a day and went to other lake called ''Płęsno'' - the water there is really really clean and it actually has a colour. My boyfriend, dad and my brother were swimming there but I didn't because the water was too cold for me so I was just sunbathing :"3 

*・゜゚・*:....:* Płęsno and forest *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

The forests there are much different to the ones in UK, I think they're much cleaner and nicer, And they're awesome because mushrooms grow there :"D Hmm other than that we also went to seaside for a whole day, It was quite nice and I wasn't that bored :"P Me and my boyfriend were playing in the sand <lol> And yes we did have the kid's kinda tools to build random sand things but we didn't make a castle... Well my boyfriend tried making one with my brother I guess, at least it looked like it :P The weather was really nice when we went to the seaside so I could sunbathe for the whole day ^ - ^v We tried to swim in the sea but the water was REALLY cold, we did swim for like 5 minutes tho. 

So we were in Swornegacie, Gliwice, Seaside and we went to see Malbork Castle ^ - ^ It was actually really nice, I went there once already but when I was really little so I couldn't remember anything :"3 I would post some of our photos from there but all photos from Poland are on my dad's laptop and my parents still aren't back yet ( In Germany at the moment and they should be back on Monday 7am :"3 ) But whenever they come back I will look through the photos and post some if they're good enough ^ - ^ After 10 days in Swornegacie we went back to my grandpa's place and we stayed there for 2 more weeks, My boyfriend had to go on 17th because of his exam results and me and my brother went back on 24th So my boyfriend was staying only for 6 more days after we came back from Swornegacie and I was staying for another week then went back to London by plane ^ - ^ Teehee

Since 25th my boyfriend is staying over at my place till my parents are back, we're trying to spend as much time together as we can before school starts and stuff ; 3 ; My parents were really worried about me and my brother staying alone here for 2 weeks but we're doing good and we still haven't spend all the money my parents gave us for the food :P 

Okay So I think that should be it, this post is kinda long already but hope you enjoyed it at least little bit ^ - ^ 

*・゜゚・*:....:* Goodnight  *:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

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