15 September 2011

♫ >‿‿◕ Another day of college ♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫.

Hey everyone

Today I had lessons at 12pm and everyone in the class seems to start to get along more, I finally remembered few names and found out that one of the guys in my class is half Polish and he can actually speak Polish too which is kinda cool, he also looks like the nerdy dude from Harry Potter. 
Tomorrow I have only two lessons and in between two hours break... yay -.- Gotta sort out my English lessons stuff tomorrow too since I have to redo my English GCSE.
I found out  that my teacher from Medical Sciences speaks Cantonese since she's Chinese and she said that if I have any questions about lessons, science OR Cantonese I can always just ask her, my teacher for Crime scene investigation seems really nice. Teachers in this college are way better than the ones I had in Centre for business, arts and technology, teachers there didn't care about you what so ever and here its totally different. I really can't wait for practical work for Crime Scene Investigation since our teacher said that we might get a chance to get our hands dirty (blood, we might even use real human blood,if not then probably animal blood, which is good enough I guess)
Anyways I don't know what else to write so I will finish it here with a pic of my lab coat after my changes

Bye bye 

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