23 September 2011

♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫ Random Post ♥


Sorry for no posts lately but I didn't really had motivation to write anything + college. So far school is alright and my favourite subject is Medical Sciences~ Yesterday we had lesson on diagnosis, like how to make one what it is etc. Few days ago I decided to rewrite my notes because they were super messy~ So now I have 3 notebooks and one is for really bad ones I take in lesson because we don't have that much time to write it, another one is for Chemistry and Physics and the last notebook is for Biology like subjects and Investigation in Crime Scene. We take a lot of notes in biology classes that are about cells and things like that. Yesterday we had tutorial and we had to go on this thing and fill 'about you' section. Also yesterday I finally got my other EMA form and hopefully school sent it off by now :"D I'm happy that I'm going to still get some EMA even tho its 10 pounds less this time :"c

When I still had more free time and didn't have to rewrite my notes I was playing games, watching movies, making food~ muffins, hot-chocolate and one day I tried to kind of fix the outside windowsill because the paint was coming off and the wood underneath started to get wet which is bad, but I think its alright now :"D

Other than this my lollipop phone started not working, well it works fine but at sometimes I have no signal so I had to switch back to my old LG Phone (KU990), my dad got me cover for it so whenever I buy super glue or something I will decorate it. Today I have college at 1pm so I still have an hour and a bit to leave, then I finish at 5pm :'c late I know T-T
I'm happy tomorrow is weekend I will finally have sometime to watch movies~ since I have about 20 new movies and I only seen 4 of them. I don't really know what else to say at the moment so I will finish off this post with a picture of my muffins I made few days ago~ 

Bye bye

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