8 January 2012

♫ >‿‿◕ New Year Resolutions ♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫.

Hi everyone~ 

I know I was meant to write this post kinda long ago but I didn't have much time but other than my new years resolutions I'm super happy because I found out that my secondary school opens sixth form in September so tomorrow I'm going there to see my Polish teacher (head of my year before) and I will get the application form!  ^^ I would be so happy if I could study there once again because I know most of the teachers and everything + It's close to my house too :3 Anyway here are my new year resolutions: 

1. Read more books and make a list of the ones I've read 
2. Learn at least some Cantonese (more than just 1-5) 
3. Grow my hair long
4. After Science course in college go to sixth form for A levels or level 3 Medicine in college
5. Change sleeping patterns, no more sleeping at 3am D:
6. By the end of the year decide which way to go: Surgeon or GP 
7. Take better care of my hair (can't dye them more than twice this year) 
8. Complain less to my boyfriend :x
9. Finish my Science course with good grade 
10. Drink more green tea 
11. Exercise everyday or every two days for 5 minutes at least 
12. Eat more and gain some weight, hit 40kg 
13. Learn how to bake and cook more 
14. Help more at home
15. Study/read daily for at least 15/20 minutes 
16. Always finish all assignments on time 
17. Make new friends 
18. By the end of the year finish 365 project 
19. Pass my English exams with good grade 
20. Write posts on my blog more often 
21. Practise writing more (assignments, my own stories, poems etc.) 
22. Save up some money and maybe get part time job in summer 
23. Be more active 
24. Go ice skating with my boyfriend 
25. Go skiing in winter 
26. Learn some Latin

So yea that's it... I might post here my 365 project pictures but I might just post the ones I like but not all of them because I'm lazy + I should be working on assignments now :P I think I will end this post here and hopefully I will write another one soon or at least not later than a week :P 

Bye bye

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