31 December 2011

♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫ New year~ ♥

Hi everyone 
Sorry for not making a post AGAIN D: To be honest I just couldn't be bothered at all and all I did was play Vindictus and Minecraft with my boyfriend for the past... week ? It's 12.35PM and we just woke up and we're on Vindictus already and I'm making fine thread for my tailoring which takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds for each to make -____-;;

Anyway~ Christmas was pretty good ^_^ and going to my boyfriend's Christmas dinner and boxing day dinner wasn't that stressing ; 3 ; The gifts were so much different than last year since I don't really need anything so I got, banana guard from my boyfriend's older sister which is pretty epic :"D, pyjama, cute Santa cup that I really love <3, small make-up set, some necklace with earrings, extremely cute and cuddly slippers from my boyfriend that I keep wearing now :P, Eye lenses,some chocolates and.... NX cash for Vindictus lol :"3 so it was pretty good Christmas and I got 1 Million cologne for my boyfriend :">. 

Enough about Christmas, it's going to be 2012 soon yay~ and when it starts I will finally start my 365 project and hopefully I won't give up this time :P Yesterday I decided I will make myself a cushion for my arm to rest on when I play games with my boyfriend or when I'm writing or whatever. I just had an idea to make a resolutions list like I did last time :"3, So I will probably do that soon and post it here and on my Facebook too and I will make a note how my last years resolutions went *which I totally failed * ^-^ 

Anyway, It's all for now~ 
Bye bye

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