30 November 2011

∩( ・ω・)∩ Christmas is soon~

Hi everyone, I know I was going to close down my blog but I didn't really want to so I will just carry on writing new posts whenever I can, I don't know if it's going to be once a week or few times a week, I can't tell, Just when I can and feel like it ; 3 ; I'm guessing this is still better than properly closing down~

For last 3 weeks or so I had a cold and tonsillitis for few days D:< and I sitting in college with runny nose isn't fun at all ! Last Tuesday we were handing in our biology assignments and as always I was the only one who came to the lesson with whole assignment completed, the rest of my class were finishing it off in the library. On Friday I had to give in another assignment for biology (different teacher, I have two biology teachers) I didn't have it done that day but I finished it off in library before lesson because I needed someone to help me, since I wasn't sure what to write T-T But oh well, I did it before lesson so it's all good :"3 Oh and Science in Medicine assignment, a lot of people handed it in a week after deadline :o good I'm not part of my class at all c": I always try my best to finish off assignments at least day before deadline and make sure to hand it in in time. 

My class really annoys me lately, they're so dumb and I would say racist too -.- They think there is only one Asian country and to them its China ! There was some comment about eating dogs as a dish and guess what people said ''eww people in China are disgusting'' then the girl did the ''Asian'' eye thing -__- I wish I could just kick those people... and some girl didn't know snakes have bones... Really about my class... no comment they're ALL so childish, yesterday teacher was kind of annoyed with them so told them to finally grow up and guess what... two guys in class started saying to each other ''grow up bro grow up fam'' I don't know how to spell their ''language'' but that was just plain dumb and childish, I mean it's fine to be childish once in a while but not all the time seriously...

Any ways enough about my stupid class, it's Christmas soon ! 
ok, maybe not that soon but still :"D The other day I was looking on the net for xmas tree because I wanted tall slim white xmas tree but they were all quite expensive D: but I randomly found some website and I found this pretty white xmas tree ! and the price was good as well, since usually 7ft tall slim white xmas trees are from 50/60 pounds and up D": and I found mine for a bit less than 29 pounds with delivery :"D It came on Monday and it's up in my room already :"3 when I find my camera wire I will take some pictures and upload it here :"3 and on Facebook ^^ 

That would be all for now, If I find the wire I will post pictures today if not then... then I won't. Bye Bye x 

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