17 October 2011

( ̄□ ̄;)⇒ Sick

Hello everyone
This weekend hasn't been that good since I ended up with really bad sore throat -.- On Saturday and Sunday I couldn't swallow at all or drink because it would hurt a lot + I couldn't fall asleep T-T. Today I feel much better since my throat isn't itchy and doesn't hurt any more but when I talk sometimes it feels like I can't breathe properly like I'm running out of breath basically :"/ I really wanted to do some of my assignments but I totally couldn't concentrate T-T and one of my assignments is due tomorrow so I have to do it today T-T 

Before I got sick me and my boyfriend kept going to Starbucks and we got hot chocolate <3 The chocolate there is really nice~ and other than that we pick each other up from college, most of the time its Jun who picks me up and drops me off but sometimes when I finish before him I go to his uni then we come back home together so its not so boring (I really don't like travelling on my own) 

Don't know what else to say so I will finish it here~
Bye bye 

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