27 February 2012

Finally know what to do~

Hello everyone,
Today I have meet my teacher's brother who is a doctor and works in hospital. I wanted to see him to find out more about what I should do etc. since I had no idea at all. Later I've decided what I'm going to do (after I took few hour nap.... :P ) I just finished filling in the most important sections of application form and I'm trying to apply to Sixth form college since I have to do A levels, there's no way I can skip it. On my application form I've wrote down 3 subjects that should help me getting into Uni in two years if I get my As in them. I picked; Chemistry, Biology and Psychology but I'm planning to do A levels for Polish language privately.
Tomorrow I will ask my tutor to write references for me and I will have to write up my interests and career plans. I will probably do that on a attached paper since I really have to get their attention and make them want to accept me into those courses/subjects >___< 
That's the only way to go, if they don't accept me then I will do BTEC Applied Science in Medicine and do all A levels privately, also I have plan B if I don't get to uni in the first year, I will have to go and do doctorate and as much work experiences in hospitals, GP etc as I can also I will need an amazing personal statement and plenty of references from teachers etc. It's a really long way to get to medicine but I really don't want to give up this time so I'll try my best :"3 
That would be all for today ^^ Sorry if it's a boring post but I just had to write about it 

Bye bye

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