1 September 2011

College fail, Boring day

Hey everyone
I was gonna write a post earlier but I didn't feel too well... Actually I still feel pretty bad and now my knee hurts too T-T So yea, I went to the interview and stuff and the lady that was interviewing me said that my grades are good enough for the course but they're full at the moment so I have to wait till they call me to find out if I got place or not, but I get a feeling that I didn't :/ If I don't get in then I'm pretty much screwed and gonna have to look for a job or something... Probably gonna look for job at nail salon and do some trainings at hospitals and try to work there afterwards and do some voluntary work.

Other than going to the interview I didn't do much today, just went grocery shopping with my boyfriend and my brother, we got quite a lot of stuff this time, and paid more than the other two times that was like £15 and £22 or so and this time it was £42 T - T Oh..... I just remembered I was doing some washing today and the clothes are still in the washing machine >.< But yea... other than that I slept today for quite long, now it was like 3 hours and before like 2 hours I think, if not more :x But meh... Not in good mood to do anything at all today :/ My boyfriend and I was looking on the net for some movies to watch and we found ''She's the man'' but we will watch it tomorrow since its kinda late today and meh, We're downloading few more movies: ''Tangled'', ''Easy A'' and ''The Prestige''

*・゜゚・*:....:*Photo of me and my boyfriend in Poland*:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

I will probably write a post on my holidays in Poland tomorrow since I can't be really bothered to do it today and I might just go back to sleep now so Goodnight everyone.

*・゜゚・*:....:**:.. ..:*・゜゚・*

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